Monday, April 23, 2007

Tsar Nicoulai in the Ferry Market Plaza

I recognize that choosing the moniker of M. Truffles makes me sound like a small, fluffy (likely sociopathic) dog belonging to the kind of woman who gets manicures on a regular basis and chooses her pets based on whether they fit in a Coach handbag. However, on a day when one has consumed both truffles and caviar, and actually finds herself saying "You know, I prefer truffles to caviar" well...what other kind of pompous, self-indulgent, frivolous name would I deserve?

So there you go. Onto the food.

There are so many places that serve great food in SF that unfortunately, you get terribly spoiled. You start looking for "great" or as M. Caviar might say "sublime" as opposed to just "good". So while everything I tried at Tsar Nicoulai was delicious, the soft scrambled egg is the only thing that falls into the catagory of "If I were ever dragged to prison and were reminiscing about food, this may be one of the things worth reminiscing about."

I have no pictures of the truffled popcorn served at the Westin St. Francis during cocktail hour, but trust me...that would be the second thing worth reminiscing about in prison (apart from "Gee it was nice when I had more than a 10x10 cell to live in and didn't worry every time I stepped in the shower).

-M. Truffles

Soft scrambled egg infused with white truffle, topped with crème fraîche
and California Estate Osetra

Goat cheese croquette with caviar

smoked salmon and smoked whitefish with caviar and creme fraiche